A van is picking us up at 3:30 am tomorrow morning. Painful. Aaron Ficca (Macy Gray), Eric McFadden (George Clinton, P-Funk etc...), Omar Torrez (Tom Waits) and I (just little I... no ringing endorsements or rock star tattoos... just I)  are eating our own guts after a solid week of rehearsals and great Mexican food. 
Here is the plan:
Three or four shows in Moscow, two shows in St. Petersburg, one in Perm, and a few other places I am not supposed to tell you about because they are a BIG secret. The most recent performance to be piled upon us is in Riga, Latvia where we play with the great Russian band Mumiy Troll (we even get to ride first class in their private jet...heh heh). What fun!
I will try my best to keep you posted. Cheers.
I am on my way to Russia with the Fabulous Omar Torrez and the amazing Eric McFadden (with a drummer to be named)! Our first stop is in Perm, then on to Moscow, two shows in St. Petersburg, and many more on the dock.