I am debating which of the names to use for the project that I forgot to mention to you, my most loyal readers. We played the music of Horace Silver at Egan's Jam House the night before last and tore the whatchamacallit off. Thank you to all involved in making the evening memorable: Dave Marriott, Art Brown, Scott Morning, Ron Weinstein, and Steve Fourni

Dirty Vurn
04/13/2012 13:25

The Filthy Mcnastys is already taken kind sir. We are an original blues/rock project with some funk/jazz infusion. Check out our website www.thefilthymcnastys.com. Keep on rockin'

04/13/2012 15:54

Far out! How did you stumble across this? I thought you could only be the Filthy McNasty's if you were a Horace Silver cover project.


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