This is an excellent video series applicable to ANY instrument. Victor (we are on a first name basis heh) discusses the basics of the chromatic scale and how it can apply to ALL music! Enjoy!
I am so pleased with the progress of many of my students. Kudos go to Ann-Dee for plunging forth into the wild. Ann-Dee is taking the initiative and doing what all musicians should: explore! Excellent work! Also big slice of cake to Sofia for being 12 years old and tearing up the bass. Sofia is reading music far beyond her level and making huge strides with an insatiable desire to improve and learn. Thanks to both of you for making my job so damned easy!
I posted this video for students at the Seattle Drum School about a month ago. It is a simple exercise, but also a pain in the ass. I thought of the video when teaching a student yesterday afternoon (hey Luke!), and thought that since I was more alert when filming, it would be beneficial. Pay close attention to the details: fingertips, roundness to the hand, avoiding the bottom of the neck, thumb behind neck, slow tempo. I confess that I am being a bit self indulgent, but I hope you will forgive me.
Here is your warning! The Zebra Kings are filling it up at the most splediferous vaudeville, variety, and burlesque festival since that dude in Egypt decided to be forced out of office instead of turning tail (like the tyrant he is) toward some third world dictators country begging for mercy!! The Zebra Kings are: John Olafs on guitar, Damien Aitken on Sax, Jim Knodle on trumpet, Greg Keplinger on Trombone, Bill Shaw on drums, Me (that is Tige DeCoster for all the webcrawlers) on bass, and Steven Flynn on piano! Beer! Half nekkid people! Beer! FUN. Come on out!
The Moisture Festival Tickets Here!