While Graystar heads to the studio to do some recording, the beat continues with Paul Benoit and Eric Apoe. Eric Apoe has just booked a gig on Sonarchy Radio with Doug Haire in March (date TBA), Paul and I with Dan Weber on drums, are heading to Port Townsend in February, and Graystar has a gig at the Mix in Georgetown. I'll keep you posted! Cheers
Come out to the Cafe Racer tonight for the alien THEY. Yes, they. They are Alicia Allen on maratroppa, Danny Godinez on flimgad, me (that is Tige DeCoster for all the web crawlers) on nareoflum, and Eric Apoe on the spanglifier. Like a rare and uncurable drip drip, Eric Apoe offers a panoply of luscious libations and libel. 9pm. Come out. Now.
I will be playing with Paul Benoit at Conor Byrne in Ballard on Saturday the 15th. Dan Weber on drums, Paul on voice and guitar, and I. Come Down! Hope to see you there!
So, in case you don't know, I started a music repair shop in the basement of the Seattle Drum School in Georgetown called the Musical Instrument Repair Collective (M.I.R.C.).  The signs are nearing completion and the shop has finally begun to come together! The shop consists of three separate, independent businesses: Northcoast Brass and Woodwind, specializing in brass and woodwind (thus the name of the business), Silesia Guitars, operated by Dagna Barerra (a fantastic, skilled luthier with ten years of experience), and T & T Guitars (specializing in any and all repairs to stringed instruments)  operated by Tim DeCoster (my uncle) and I. Please feel free to ask me any questions when I am teaching at the Drum School and I will be happy to give you a tour!
A year ago today I was in a hospital room with my wife Michela watching my daughter being born.  Viola Rosa DeCoster was born at 7:43 am on the 8th of January, 2010. What a marvelous creature she is. I was on the phone with Paul Benoit when he asked me to play his CD release party on the 8th of January. Absently, I said yes and remembered later that it was my daughters first birthday. What an asshole. However, it seems to have worked out fine! It is a children's album, and birthday celebration combined! The show is at Egans Jamhouse in Ballard, starts at 5pm and has Macaroni and Cheese being served up special; just for you! Bring your kids, drink beer!
The New Year was wonderful and I assume it was for you. The most recent band I have begun playing with, Graystar, is performing a free show at Zeitgeist coffee this evening at 8 o'clock. Since it is a free show, I expect hundreds of people to attend. Beautiful music and a beer. Excellent combination!